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Chris Hedges: The Best Among Us - Chris Hedges' Columns - Truthdig

You really need to read this....

Buddha kitty

Happy Birthday babies!

Posted on 2010.03.22 at 18:06
Current Mood: amusedamused
Tomorrow is our kitties birthday, they are 3 now!

An older pic of them but cute, as they are together :)

Buddha kitty

Writer's Block: 420 friendly?

Posted on 2010.03.10 at 08:35
A number of U.S. states are planning to legalize marijuana. Do you agree or disagree with this policy, and why?

Absolutely yes.... see my blog :)


Buddha kitty

Game of Thrones

Posted on 2010.03.02 at 17:39
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
HBO today officially announced that Game of Thrones has been picked for the 2011 season!


This could be to fantasy episodic TV what LOTR was to fantasy movies. Such a deep and rich story will surely bring in a lot of viewers that never were particularly into the fantasy genre. HBO appears to be doing it right with top flight actors and sparing no expense, at least that is how it appears from the pilot which has already been shot.

I am so stoked!!!!! Lol, and it's still a year off.

Buddha kitty

Should buy a bloody horse.....

Posted on 2010.02.21 at 14:55
Current Location: United States, Washington, Lynnwood
Current Mood: depresseddepressed
So Thursday on the way home from work my new car breaks down.... Seemed like the timing belt had gone, sadly not so. It was the distributor, the shaft was rusted all to hell. Timing belt would have been cheaper as the distributor was a far more expensive part :( So I got payed on Friday and it virtually took my whole check to get it fixed between the repairs and towing..... Right now I have no clue how we are gonna make it til my next check.....

Buddha kitty

Writer's Block: Starting from Scratch

Posted on 2009.12.17 at 20:59
Current Music: pandora
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What would it take to get you to start a new life on a new world?

Ummm, a way to get there? A passing UFO?


I know I'm not exactly a prime colony candidate, but if I could help build a new world, I would sign up in a heartbeat. Sadly I don't see it happening in my lifetime unless we see some some sort of major breakthru in physics.


Why now of all times.....

Posted on 2009.12.15 at 21:33
I really think the cold last week has finally killed my car.....it blew out a formed metal cooling pipe which was leaking like a sieve. So I got it to a shop to just replace that, amazingly they charged me 40 bucks less than the estimate. How often do you hear that about a mechanic?
I picked it up today and it got half way home before it died and wouldn't restart. It was running ok then just bogged down and temp went up, then quit. Wouldn't re-start even after waiting a good while to cool down and replacing coolant. Looks like it blew thru my my previous head gasket fix. Gonna try some block sealer again tomorrow, but I am really not having great hopes. Think it's dead......

Can't really complain much, the car cost me 650 bucks a year and a half ago. And while it's always been a PITA, it's done me good service over 1.5 years now. But this does hit me at Xmas without any spare money to buy a new beater. So now even the little cush I had til next paycheck is gone in getting the car towed off the highway. Better to have it towed to my place where I can either get it fixed or decide what to do with it than impounded off the highway.

Sigh... Not really worried about a ride to work as the CFO goes right by every day. And he knows what I am worth to the company :) But being without a car in Western WA is almost as bad as being without one in LA. I work 20 miles away from home with no good public transportation. The closest real grocery store is at least a couple mile walk.....

Hehe, kudos to my netbook for finding me a close tow. I know you people with Iphones will laugh, but I got a netbook specifically to be able to access the net whenever I want. And today it helped me. Once I realized it was not gonna go, I booted up my netbook and searched the closest towing company. Rush hour and I got a tow within 20 min :) Hehe, then used it to continue reading Clash of Kings til the truck arrived. Love my netbook.....

Not sure what I am going to do right now, but thinking about hitting up my company for a paycheck advance sufficient to get a decent,reliable vehicle,that I could pay back over time. My company being very small and me being a kind of crucial part in it, they may very well go for it..... Well, that's my hope anyway :)

Otherwise it's riding with Carl for a month or 2..... lol, bet he's tired of me already after the last week that my car has been in the shop.

Anyway, that light that was in the tunnel just hit me.......again. Those damn trains get me every time....

Buddha kitty

And here it is :)

Posted on 2009.12.10 at 19:42

Buddha kitty

Writer's rush...

Posted on 2009.12.10 at 11:14
I don't know what else to call it....I wrote what I think was a particularly fine post for Fugumble tonight and quite literally got a rush when I decided it was done. What an awesome feeling....

I'll post a link tomorrow after it's published :)

Lol, not to mention I'm posting this from my new netbook in bed :)

Just wow......

Buddha kitty

Safety Graphics Fun!

Posted on 2009.12.06 at 18:10
If you've not seen this site before, it is hysterical......well, to me anyway :)


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